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Dancin' oldies bites Hartford dust (Was Re: 937-The Buzz???)

        Funny simultaneity here: WZMX, 93.7 in Hartford, "dancin' oldies,"
was blown up sometime between midday Friday and Saturday afternoon. It
seems to be jockless at the moment as  "hot 93-7." The ID that was just on
was WZMX, Hartford, the new hot 93-7." Being an OG (old guy), I don't
recognize most of the artists. "Angel" by Shaggy was just on. It's
hip-hop/urban/current r&b -- whatever this week's format name is for that.
One promo says hip-hop. Have not looked to see if the Hartford Courant had
anything on this.

        It's interesting because WKSS (#3 with an 8.8) has definitely gone
more toward hip-hop lately, especially in some dayparts, to the point where
WTIC-FM (#5, 6.6) counter promos itself as playing many different kinds of
music but not (short snip of rap sounding song intended to represent WKSS).

        WZMX shows in 11th place in the winter ratings, part 1, posted
2/26, with a 2.8, down from 3.2 in winter 2000. Spring 2000 was 3.5, summer
3.8, fall 3.1. Eleventh makes it the trailing FM among those based locally
in the Hartford-New Britain market (i.e., not including New Haven-based
FMs). Just behind at #12 is urban AC WNEZ-AM, with a 2.4. They have a
problem now, IMO.