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RE: 89.3 in Beverly (again)

It definitely is a "quiet" one; there's an 89.1 for
New Hampshire Public Radio in Concord and/or
Manchester; I think a religious station at 89.3 in
Maine, and Vermont Public Radio is at 89.5 in
Windsor, VT-- all quite a distance away for a station
that reaches a few towns on the North Shore.

96.5 used to be a fave frequency for pirates until
a station in Bedford, NH debuted there. Radio Free
Allston used to use 106.1, same freq as WCOD on Cape
Cod but that's fairly far away; the FCC did shut
them down due to complaints from WROR 105.7 and
WMJX 106.7. Now of course they're on at legitimate
flea-power (a micro-watt?) on the AM dial. Other
pirates have also popped up on 106.1 more recently.

--- Peter Murray <pete@partnercomm.com> wrote:
> Pirate operators don't "get" a frequency - they
> select one that best
> suits the area in which they're operating.
> Apparently whoever is in
> Beverly running this station felt that 89.3 was a
> quiet frequency, and
> thus was available.
> He could have just as easily selected something
> else, like 103.7.

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