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In a message dated Fri, 16 Mar 2001  6:29:05 PM Eastern Standard Time, dan.strassberg@att.net writes:

<< Do you mean Mark Shneyder? I think that there is also a 
Mark Snyder who has a Boston radio connection. (If I 
recall correctly, Snyder was a minor talk personality in 
the market five or so years ago. Although I can't recall 
which station he was on, I keep thinking of him in 
connection with a dating show. Moreover, I believe that 
someone named Mark Snyder had a program on WBET, though 
I never heard the program.) To the best of my knowledge, 
Mark Shneyder is not Mark Snyder. But I suppose that 
Mark Shneyder could be Keith Snow.>>

Mark Snyder was a talk show host on WMSX ("This is Your Life," was the name of the midday show) and also has had a show (from what his column in the Stoughton Journal said) at one point on the most recent incarnation of WMEX. Mark is the one who operates the PMP media web site; through trade or purchase, he has a bunch of spots (3-4 a day) on WMJX plugging his site and giving snippets of information about the interviews, etc. I don't remember this Mark Snyder being connected with any dating show.

Mark Snyder has no relation to Mark Schneyder, as far as I know. While some may disagree with some of Mark Schneyder's views here (and Mark, forgive me for possibly butchering your name), he has his own web site and I doubt he would be hiding behind a pseudonym to deliver what some could call veiled attacks at various radio folks.

I would venture to say that Mark Snyder is "Keith Snow," though I think it would be unfair to pass ultimate judgement. However, if it were found to be true, I'm sure that Mark Snyder's career in Boston radio, if he has aspirations for such, would find its options limited. (I doubt radio is much more than a side job for him; besides being involved with PMP I think he's connected to an Internet firm of some sort in Stoughton as well. And he writes a column for the weekly paper there.)