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Re: Lydon to do webcast Tue.

> Talk show screening is abominable as part of the
> overall experience for the caller.
> Screeners have had less knowledge of the topic, have
> responded in a manner too pressed to listen carefully
> and frequently misunderstand while juggling their other
> activities simultaneously.

Ummm...Is there a question here?

I've come to expect that your posts are usually questions!   :-q  <g!>

I would say your comments are right on the money!

Typically screener do a poor job....as they are running the board and are
"half-listening' to everything.....while looking at the log.

> Talk show software for the broadcaster needs improvement
> and enhancement.

I'm not sure software is what would help.

There was a day when most (major) stations doing talk had one person as a
screener/producer...who was listening to the show and screening calls
accordinly...and one person running the board, riding levels, looking at the
log and clock, etc.

Ah yes the good 'ole days (start the violins!)...when stations had
live/local news all day and all weekend...

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