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Re: longest running radio show?

When did Grand 'Ole Oprey start on WSM? As far as I 
know, WSM still carries it, and whether it is or isn't 
the longest-running show, it has that reputation. Are 
WSM's claims fact, or are they as valid as KDKA's claims 
of being the first station to broadcast a regularly 
scheduled program?

How can presidential-election returns consitutue a 
regularly scheduled program anyway? I suppose that KDKA 
did broadcast presidential-election returns again in 
1924 and 1928 in addition to the historic ones it 
broadcast in 1920, but applying the term "regularly 
scheduled" to a program heard once every four years does 
seem like a stretch.

If this Polish program isn't the longest running show on 
US radio, it undoubtedly can take the honors for longest 
running Polish program on US radio. And perhaps if the 
host did the show on occasion as a remote and used phone 
lines to send the program back to the studio, he can 
qualify as America's first telephone Pole--or at least 
as America's first _radio_ telephone Pole.

> A gentleman from Indiana sent this to me, about his dad's show.  Does 
> anyone know if there has been a radio show on the air longer than this 
> one?  I realise these "longest running" claims are hard to prove, but 
> somebody might have heard about other shows-- I recall one gospel show that 
> was done by the same guy for about 50 years, for example...