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longest running radio show?

A gentleman from Indiana sent this to me, about his dad's show.  Does 
anyone know if there has been a radio show on the air longer than this 
one?  I realise these "longest running" claims are hard to prove, but 
somebody might have heard about other shows-- I recall one gospel show that 
was done by the same guy for about 50 years, for example...

 >After 70 years on the air, and the last 49 years hosted by Walter Skibinski,
one of America's Longest Running Radio Shows Broadcasts for the last time on
Sunday, March 18, 2001.

 >Hammond, Indiana - March 14, 2001 - Wally Skibinski and his Polish Cavalcade
of Music will air its last show on Sunday March 18, 2001 after 70 years on
the air. The show, previously known as the "Polish Musical Varieties
Program" began in 1930 under the direction of Edward Oskierko. In March of
1952 Mr. Oskierko hired Mr. Skibinski as an announcer. Mr. Oskierko directed
the show until his retirement in 1980. Mr. Skibinski continued with the show
at the request of host station, WJOB, 1230 AM. Mr. Skibinski changed the
name of the show to "Wally Skibinski's Polish Cavalcade of Music."