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Re: 720kHz in Billerica

In a message dated Thu, 15 Mar 2001  2:52:54 AM Eastern Standard Time, "Michael P Fitzpatrick Jr." <fitzradio@the-spa.com> writes:

<< I was looking on an old AM database which shows an "unknown permit" for
720kHz in Billerica. Any word on who or what this is? The fcc database
doesn't say much about it. Anyone here know? >>

This was a permit which had to have been deleted at least five or six years ago. From what I remember, it had an awful pattern. Dan Strassberg mentioned here or on LTAR (or possibly both) that the station had markedly different day and night patterns.

I don't know who actually ever received a CP for Billerica; given the modern-day expansion of the Boston suburbs, someone would be SOL if they were to try to acquire any property which would be suitable for that station's towers.