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Re: Local TV won't air basketball title games

The excuses offered by the station managers are lame.  Both WMTW and WCSH
said they didn't want to pick up the WABI feed because WABI was affiliated
with a different network.  Why would that matter?  Neither station competes
with WABI for viewers.  The only sign of the different network would be the
logo on the announcers mikes.

What I think this is really all about is business.  Either the game doesn't
bring in enough advertising to justify the expense or the stations believe
they will get more viewers with their regular lineup.  Either is a good
reason and I do not question or criticize the stations for their decision,
but I think the excuses they are offering are not the real story.  Why can't
they come clean?  A cynical observer (not me, but another cynical observer)
might suggest that they are so used to lying that they do it instinctively,
even when it is not necessary.

-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine