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Curators. Boston Public Library. MFA Curators. BSO Musicians.

Over the course of time WBUR, WCRB, WGBH, WHRB, college
broadcasters and commercial broadcasters Sunday morning
public service programming listeners can hear
broadcasts of interviews with Boston Symphony Orchestra
musicians portraying their creative work and
interests. We can hear interviews with Museum of Fine
Arts curators about their work and interests.
We have not heard from Boston Public Library curators
a. BPL Sound Archives' Ed Fenninger efenninger@bpl.org
b. Newspapers and Microtext's Henry Scannell hscannell@bpl.org
c. Social Science's Mary Francis O'Brien mfobrien@bpl.org

How would you persuade public service broadcast
programmers to consider presenting more information
about curatorial departments' collections at our
Regional and, as it's called, Massachusetts Library of
Last Recourse Boston Public Library?...

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Guide to Problematical Boston Public Library Use