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2 obits of note

The Salem Evening News reports that political activist
and cable TV exec Paul McCarthy of Lynnfield died on
Friday at the age of 44. He had been suffering from
non-Hodgkins lymphoma.

Politically, McCarthy had run unsuccessfully for
Secretary of State and U.S. Congress (6th District,
MA). His career in cable TV featured stints at
Warner Cable, The Entertainment Network, and the
Disney Channel (he was one of Disney Channel's
first hires). In addition he did consulting and
lobbying work for TV stations and cable companies.

And "shock-talker" Morton Downey Jr. has died at 68.
He had a TV show weeknights which expoused his
conservative views, complete with a raucous audience
(and perhaps patterned after Joe Pyne and Wally
George's shows). In addition he did radio (at
WOR, I think). He quit smoking in 1996 but 50 years
of smoking took its toll, as I believe he died
from lung cancer.

Downey caught some flak after he reported that he had
been beaten up by neo-Nazis (not sure if it was true
or not). I remember reading that one year he performed
to a sold-out show at the Club Casino in Hampton
Beach but the following year, Mort-mania had subsided
to the point that his Casino show was cancelled as
only 16 advance tickets had been sold.

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