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RE: Tunnel Radio

I believe there is wiring in place for AM reception for the Dewey Square
Underpass (the actual name of the South Station Tunnel). I have picked up
AMs within the underpass(tunnel). However, much like the crap on the walls
of the tunnel, I suspect scant attention is paid to the maintainence of the
SoStaTun AM wire system.

-Paul Hopfgarten
-Derry NH
(Daily SoStaTun commuter)

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> > I noticed yesterday that all the major Boston stations can now be heard
> > all the way through the Callahan and Sumner tunnels. I guess they have
> > rebuilt the tunnel radio system. I'm not sure when they did this but i
> > just noticed it yesterday.
> I wish the AM's could be heard thru the South Station Tunnel.
> JP
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