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RE: Weather cancellations

The Cancellations on WWLP were done using a new computer (with built in DVE)
which was temporarily patched into the on air chain (and froze the video in
the middle of a live-shot Monday during the 6PM). We have only had the
computer maybe two weeks and that was why it looked a little rough at times.
The only way to take the cancellations off was to pull a patch out! But it
did the job very well.

On a side bar, we also had our transmitter V1/2 drop out right in the middle
of the height of the storm, forcing our Engineer Dave Cote to drive out in
the middle of it to Provin Mountain to reset the side. For about an hour we
were at 20% power while he reset it.


> On 3/5/01 11:45 PM, A. Joseph Ross wrote:
> Since I get Springfield stations on cable here, I can compare WWLP to
> WHDH and WGGB to WCVB.  The Springfield stations were both carrying
> cancellations under all programming, including commercials, since Sunday.
>  The Boston stations only did sometimes.
> Paul

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