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Re: NERW 2/12: WXRK Dodges a Fine

David W. Harris wrote:
>The biggest jolt to me on February 5 was the
>replacement of Bruce Lavoy's home-grown ID's with some slickly produced
>ones featuring a Big Voice who clearly doesn't know how to pronounce
>WKXL's city of license!!!!  KONNNN-korrrd sounds ridiculous.

As former asst PD of WJYY/WNHI I can attest to how hard it is to get people
from "away" to correctly pronounce Concord the way New Englanders pronounce
it as opposed to how the rest of the country pronounces it.  Any time we
sent out liners to either a voicover talent, or special program host, we
included a pronounciation guide.  Still, often as not they'd screw it up.
Forget trying to get them to say Monadnock.

>Aside from
>offending the ears of the locals, the new legal ID isn't strictly legal:
>"News/talk for the Capital Region, WXKL-AM [sic] Concord, WKXL-FM
>Hillsboro-Concord-Manchester, a Vox Radio group station."

I brought that up to the guy who produced the sweepers from the dry tracks
sent by the v/o guy...alas, with the inflection and running together of
words, it sounded awkward edited, so we left it alone.  At least WKXL does
a legal ID, and they don't bury it in the middle of a stopset at :52.

Besides, 94.1 in Franklin has been ID'ing as WFTN Franklin/Laconia/Concord
for years, ignoring the fact that there's a WFTN-AM, too.