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Re: NERW 2/19: WBUR and Lydon - A Missed "Connection"?

In NERW 2/19/01, it was written of The Connection:

> the show has been
> distributed in recent years to several dozen public radio outlets
> nationwide (including, out there in NERW-land, New Hampshire Public
> Radio...
For the record, The Connection has never been part of NHPR's regular
schedule.  It's possible that some of the Campaign Connection shows were
carried sporadically during the 1996 primary election season but I can't
think of any other time NHPR might have aired The Connection.

Shortly after the recent NHPR schedule revamp was announced, the program
changes were the
subject of The Exchange.  One caller asked why Diane Rehm (from
WAMU Washington) was chosen for the 10 a.m.-noon slot instead of Chris
Lydon.  The way I remember it, NHPR President/GM Mark Handley said it
was felt that the majority of NHPR listeners could already hear Lydon
elsewhere and the station wanted to offer an alternative.  It was also
mentioned that there are long-term plans to expand The Exchange to two
hours--it's currently live 9-10 a.m. and repeated at 8 p.m.