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Re: Fwd: Re: Expanded band query...?

>Dan Strassberg wrote:
>I thought that Cuba had gotten 1560 and the Bahamas (British West Indies,
>then, I think) had gotten 1540, jointly with the US.
>The BWI allocation was
>a Class I, but since the power was only 5 kW-U ND, it was a nonconforming
>Class I, because even IBs were supposed to use at least 10 kW. It was ZNS's
>5-kW limitation that made possible KXEL's eventual Class IB status.

Filed away somewhere in "storage" I have some documents about the
1540/Bahamas issue. Trying to remember it correctly is causing SBF (serious
brain fatigue). The 1976 Broadcasting yearbook shows ZNS as 20 kW, for what
that's worth.

>There were quite a few examples of shared assignments on Class I channels.
>1070 was shared between the US and Canada (KNX, CBA both 50 kW-U ND). <snip>

         IIRC, another I-B that's U.S.-Mexico is 1140, with the U.S. never
assigning a second station to it. 850 is the same case. On 1030, at least
in the old days, I thought the only nighttime Mexican station on there was
a Class II. The 1976 list shows XEGR, Mexico City, 10kW D/5kW N.