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Re: Broadway. Theater.

WBOQ (104.9) on the North Shore has "Broadway Break"
weekdays at 12:05 pm and I think they have a show
on weekends (maybe weekend mornings? evenings?) where
they play Broadway stuff (possibly Sat at 6 pm. I 
couldn't find a weekend sched on their website.

By the way, http://www.wbach.com says "serving the
North Shore since 1964". Well, technically they have
been, but they're including the previous owner and
incarnation of the station. By rights, you should
be able to click onto that part of the webpage and
hear Simon Geller's voice saying
Massachusetts. Well, I need to go shopping now so
I need to turn off..." :)
--- Don Saklad <dsaklad@gnu.org> wrote:
> When do Boston area broadcasters play Broadway
> musical shows, other musicals and theater
> recordings?...
> ...Besides WERS-FM 88.9 MHz Standing Room Only
> 10am-2pm Saturdays
> 1. WHRB?...
> 2. WCRB?...
> 3. WUMB?...
> 4. ?...
> ?...

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