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Re: Lydon resigns from WBUR

>I agree with Joe entirely.  I'm not a Lydon fan, but I don't understand all
>the criticism he is getting for pushing for what he wants.  The criticism is
>particularly odd because most on this list are usually anti-management, but
>in this case, they are anti-employee.  What's the deal?  Is management
>always wrong when the employee makes less than $100K but right when the
>employee makes more than $100K?

He's certainly free to push for whatever he wants.  And if he gets that,
more power to him.  Thing is, would *any* station in town - not just
'BUR, but literally any station across the dial, commercial or non-comm -
be willing (or even able) to give him the sort of deal he wants?  Especially
when it comes to the notion of him owning all, or even part of, the show?

It will be most interesting to see what happens from here.  If another
station jumps in and gives him what he wants, then he's done a very smart
thing for himself.  If, on the other hand, no station in town will give
him the time of day, then he's just made one of the biggest mistakes
any businessperson can make: pricing oneself out of one's marketplace.

-Shawn Mamros
E-mail to: mamros@mit.edu