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Re: Local radio's back -- sorta

At 02:57 PM 3/2/01 -0500, Dan Billings wrote:
>This week's Casco Bay Weekly cover story:
>J.J. Jeffrey is challenging the industry giants with a string of tiny
>stations airing a tiny amount of local programming.

Nice reference to Scott ["It comes back to J.J. being a smart guy," said 
Scott Fybush of Rochester, NY. Since 1994, Fybush has operated a Web 
magazine called Northeast Radio Watch. "He probably saw the top of the 
market coming. I don't think the prices for radio stations will ever be as 
high as when he sold them to Citadel. He made a fortune selling his 
stations. I assume he was pretty much able to pay cash for everything he's 
bought so far. That gives him some flexibility in having the resources to 
build up these radio stations. He has the money to go off and do radio and 
have fun doing it."
More importantly, that fun could ultimately translate into genuine local radio.
"If you compare the stations J.J. sold from then to now, they don't have 
the same local feel that he and Bob Fuller brought to them," Fybush said. 
"J.J. sees an opportunity to keep local radio alive, and he's doing it in 
smaller markets."]

While in Las Vegas last week, I came across J.J.Jeffrey on the New Kool 
93.1 KQOL where his show airs 2PM-7PM PST. Is he doing satellite voice 
tracks? Is he playing both sides of the fence?
Satellite and local?
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