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Re: Lydon resigns from WBUR

From: "Dave Faneuf" <tklaundry@juno.com>

> I have been very quiet on this subject waiting until it's resolution.
> The AP story did get one major point wrong.  It was WBUR, not Chris and
> Mary that created The Connection, Chris auditioned for the show and was
> hired by WBUR to be its host.  Chris did not "create" it.

I thought someone here mentioned that the program had a different name when
it had the rotating "trial" auditioning hosts.  And that the name "The
Connection" came with Lydon. (No one can PRO-Nounce it wuite the way he
does!  LOL)

Also, some would argue that the connection took it's present form when Lydon
entered the picture....in effect "creating"  it's present likeness.

So....regardless of BUR having an idea for a "midday call-in show"...or even
one named "the connection"...one could argue that "the show" was created the
day Chris Lydon started as the host.  And thereby HE "created" it.

Semantics mostly....

Thirdly, regardless of who "created" it...at this stage, it IS a point of
negotiation....and we all know that everything is negotiable...for a price.
Apparently the price for WBUR retaining ownership is mighty high.  ($280,000
& &175,000)     And that's really the crux of the matter.

It appears to me that Lydon is less interested in that hefty salary that
they keep throwing at him and that everone is up in arms about....than in
negotiatiing/wrestling away the point of ownership.  I say good for him in
seizing the moment....seeing whats really important...and stciking to his
guns.  Good for him in trying to define the negotiation....as opposed to
accepting WBUR's terms  I admire his tenacity in knowing what he wants...and
not being afraid to go after it.  Most would have crumbled and folded in
this situation.

It really doesn't matter who 'created' it...or even who "should" own
it...it's who has the best negotiating hand...and who holds the "Ace".

Again, semantics mostly....I think we need a lawyer....Joe?  :-)


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