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Re: Lydon resigns from WBUR

I have been very quiet on this subject waiting until it's resolution. 
The AP story did get one major point wrong.  It was WBUR, not Chris and
Mary that created The Connection, Chris auditioned for the show and was
hired by WBUR to be its host.  Chris did not "create" it.  Tom and Ray
however did approach WBUR with the Car Talk idea and therefore are its
creators.  A big difference.


On Thu, 1 Mar 2001 19:22:12 -0500 (EST) Kevin Vahey
<crimson@channel1.com> writes:
> BOSTON - Christopher Lydon, host of the popular public radio call-in 
> show
> ``The Connection,'' left WBUR-FM radio with his producer Thursday, 
> just
> weeks after a feud with the station led to their suspensions. 
> In a written statement, Lydon and senior producer Mary McGrath said 
> ``WBUR
> walked away from the discussion entirely,'' and that their 
> relationship
> with the station has been marked by ``bad faith'' for many months. 
> http://ae.boston.com/news/daily/03/01/lydon.html

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