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Re: Re: Subchannels. Text. Audio.

Doesn't it also say name of song or artist, or maybe
name of the program?

My VCR has a similar kind of system--when you tune
to a station with the VCR, the name of the program
shows up. It must be some sort of info that is beamed
with the signal. Sometimes the info pops up when a
bit of video is shown: let's say a TV newscast
is showing a highlight from a NASCAR race. "NASCAR
on FOX" appears printed on the screen.

Oh by the way, I think Bob Bittner may have mentioned
this on LTAR: some VCRs have a feature where you can
tune to the PBS channel and it will automatically
set the clock. But apparently PBS stations haven't
been doing it the past couple of years (transmitting
that bit of info) so if you try to do this, it
won't work.

--- hopfgapr@sprynet.com wrote:
> I beieve that stands for "Radio Data System"
> My Realistic DX-398 has RDS display...basically it's
> used to show Call letters or "other ID info" (for
> example, if your in Boston and you tune to 96.9 FM,
> "Fmtalk" shows up on the RDS display (or something
> like that) shows up on the RDS display. Most
> Stations simply show their Call letters.

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