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Re: WGBH sells "This Old House" to AOL Time Warner

Tony Abruzzese wrote:

> I was amazed that PBS has cut funding for and effectively cancelled
(if I read the
> story correctly) Mystery! one of GBH's mainstays for many years.

That would explain why the "Inspector Morse" finale, and all of its
hype, did not speak to anything up and coming.  The cycle of programs
that run in that series, Poirot, etc., are not getting any newer.  I
suppose it's all the more market share for A&E and the Mystery Channel.
I'll miss the "no commercial" versions of same.  WGBH has it's name on
LOTS of PBS stuff that airs.  Are we seeing a seachange or just overdue
adjustments to the line-up?

Bill O'Neill