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Re: WROR Nibbling Into The 80s?

Those persons over 54, are able, most often to pay for products in cash.   
This is not good.   America is currently (last 2 decades) running on CREDIT.  
 Why make effort to sell products when you can sell products AND sell credit, 
 a 2-for-1er.    Remember,  those marketers who do the best sell things to 
people thaty they don''t need and cannot afford. 
 a message dated 2/25/01 1:13:30 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
umar@nerodia.wcrb.com writes:

<< Ad agencies don't want listeners older than 54. 
 The leading edge of the "baby boom" generation is now 55; these people,
 who have been pursued hotly by marketers all their lives, are now
 "unpersons". Frankly this surprises me, as I've always imagined that
 marketers go where the money is. There appears to be some deep-rooted
 ageism at work here.        >>