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Has Chris Lydon Lost His Cotton-picking Mind?

I just read the latest salvo in the Chris Lydon-Jane
Christo wars in today's Herald (02/24 pg 12 also
available on www.bostonherald.com).  With the theme
from "I was high and mighty" playing in the background,
C.L. averred that he would no longer pick cotton for 
Jane.  Yikes...this could be endgame for the former
Timesman.  I just finished reading "How Hitler Could
Have Won the War" by Bevin Alexander after his reading
last week on C-span2;  pretty good book...Chris reminds
me of General Claussenberg (not sure of spelling 
having returned the tome to the liberry) who attempted
to carry out the plot to bomb Die Fuehrer. D.F. 
exacted the same kind of revenge that I think Jane will
do metaphorically, offing the head of the recondite 
rhetorician.  The reply in Dean Johnson's article to
Chris's statement: "we have reviewed Chris's statement
and he is a terrific WRITER and communicator". 
Translation?  Try to get a job in print...the Tab
newspapers peut-etre, where he could rub shoulders
(but nothing else) with David Brudnoy.
BTW, today's Globe in the Living and Arts section, pg 
F4, Names & Faces by dethroned columnist Diane White
reports that Chris, minus headphones as pictured, will
moderate a panel of Peace Corps veterans at the JFK (Sr)
Liberry on Sunday March 3rd from ELEVEN AM (thus
competing with LTAR) till 1:00 pm or later.
After which Chris will hold up a sign saying
"WILL APPEAR ERUDITE FOR FOOD". (Polymath want a cracker?)

Laurence Glavin
Methuen, MA

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