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Re: WBUR Connection

Yes, some of these radio claims are so bogus.    Reminds me of WLAM's (Maine) 
top-of-hour slogan:  "....a Maine-Owned Company".    Uh.... I thought that 
less than 49% owned by various people in New England wouldn't support such a 
claim.  Well now, they have amended it to:  "....A Maine Company."

Well, I guess that's totally true.   Actually, after buying WJTO, I set up a 
Maine Corporation called "Blue Jey Broadcasting Company" with me as the 100% 
stockholder.  I am not a Mainer, but I COULD say:  "....a Maine Company."

My point is, is that almost every station owner(s) in Maine, or anywhere 
else,  incorporates, and is  "....a Maine Company."

Smoke & Mirrors, everyone....
In a message dated 2/22/01 12:55:43 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
bobonradio@yahoo.com writes:

<< --I was not too crazy about WRKO's promos during the
 election controversy (and other times) in which they 
 claimed "only one station lets you talk about it".
 Excuse me? Are they intentionally NOT mentioning that
 WBZ and WTKK exist? (And for awhile there was WMEX
 as well; you could also include WBUR, etc.) This would
 be like Coca-Cola saying that Pepsi and RC Cola didn't
 exist; that Coca-Cola is the only manufacturer of cola
 in the world.  >>