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Radio Station For Sale

Greetings List:

    For the price of a house on the 128-belt, a 50,000-watt FM radio station 
can be had.   Yes, a 50kw FM for an ASKING price of 250k, with terms for 
qualified buyer.

    Of course, it's in Maine, and it's in quite a rural area (but also a 
captive audience as few other stations cover the area).

    I actually raised my eyebrows on this one, until I slapped my face and 
said to myself "2's enough".

    The kicker here is that it is actually making a little bit of profit!    
An added attraction (or curse, if you will), also included is a 1kw AM.  

    FM tower site lease is only $2,100. a YEAR.

    If you're interested, call broker Mel Stone @ 207-799-8804.