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Re: "Lost 45's"

barry wrote:
>>...but I am more than willing to talk face to face with any local Program Director who has half a brain and the balls to do it...there just doesn't seem to be anyone like that in this city currently. ...<<


   call me "old fashioned", but the last time i applied 
for a radio gig (just the other day, as a matter of 
fact), i don't recall using such an "...I'm callin' you
out, sheriff!" approach.
   as far as hoping for a public hue & cry about getting
your fine efforts recognized, that's great.  you do 
have your fans, myself among them.  
   and that you've mentioned that you did not encourage
the "spamming" that has occured at a number of stations,
also good for you!
   again, you have a fine program, refined and defined 
by many successful years.  were i a pd, i'd consider 
your "Lost 45's" for a prominent slot on an oldies-
based a/c, oldies, or classic rock station.  i am by no 
means a supporter of "highly researched" playlists.  i 
spent $4.99 a copy on a lot of lp's in the Jordan Marsh record department. and i listened to each and every 
cut.  (and subsequently, each and every "track" on the
8-track versions. as well as the non-stop pleasure of
the auto-reverse function on my MGB's cassette from '78
to '80, and even now on the CD versions.  i call this a
music junkie's version of "hitting for the cycle":
vinyl, 8-track, cassette & CD.)  not unlike you, i have
realized that there are a multitude of songs that got
airplay and deserve to be heard, even if only
   i would only suggest the same approach that all radio
professionals must adopt: patience and persistence.  
don't lose your cool in such a public forum.  you have
much to offer; IMO,it's a shame that it will now take a 
turn-over in the programming reins in order get your foot back in the door at any of the Boston venues.
  were i in the position of programming at this point,
you'd stand no chance on my watch.  no one likes being
"bullied" into making a decision, even if it is the 
right one.  and i do have the pd qualifications you
desire.  (half a brain...check. and the other things)

- -Chuck Igo (not programming anything other than my
VCR this week...)