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Re: Pirate Radio

I'm not sure where the pirate emanated from, but the
guy did mention a phone number which started with
area code 978 (Haverhill, etc.) 282- (couldn't hear
the rest).

This pirate was heard Sunday at about 1 pm; the "DJ"
said "we're transmitting live on a Sunday night..."(?)

Maybe he was just running a tape done previously...

I should mention as part of my post re: pirate radio
that I wouldn't mind pirates as long as they weren't
right next to a local, licensed station. When Radio
Free Allston was at 106.1, I didn't think it
interfered with either WROR (105.7) or WMJX (106.7).
But if had been at 105.9 or 106.5, then I could
see it being a problem...

> Gee, maybe we can get the Londonderry NH pirate to
> go
> to war with the Haverhill MA Pirate, both on 88.7.
> Londonderry 88.7 makes it into Andover and
> Haverhill,
> although it's very weak at this point. 

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