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Re: Is there enough room for a new FM station...

Normally I'm not one to speculate on format changes...but IMHO, most of the
MAJOR Boston stations are firmly in place with their current formats.  As
for the four listed below:

92.9 - always in a rumored format change (kinda like my old 92.5) but a
loyal listenership.

93.7 - Gee - another format change?  And just after hiring the "big gun" for
the morning show (Richard Hatch)?  Where else could 93.7 go?  All polka?
All Survivor - all the time?  Oh wait...what about all 80's?  They tried all
70's...then 70's and 80's...why not all Prince all the time?  (Sounds like a
promo stunt to me...oh yea...they did that too!)

96.9 - Despite my dislike for the lineup - the station seems to be doing
well (at least during the elections) and Greater Boston seems to be taking
its time to blow this format up...still...not seen as a potential victim.

105.7 - Let me go out on a limb and say "Not a chance!"  105.7 continues to
be a fav. among young and middle aged folks in most dayparts...granted not a
ratings juggernaut, but certainly a powerhouse.  And poor Lauren and
Wally...another set of calls to remember?  Not a chance.

Now...on the other hand...how about the new business radio station (1060
AM)...can they be considered a Boston radio station?  What about 97.7 out of
Brockton?  What about 1510?  Haven't they recently gone through a format
change of sorts recently?  The ad was vague (aren't they all?) but could
they be considered Boston radio stations?

Waiting for one of these to come back and bite me in the posterior...

Marc Lemay

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Original message:
> Who says it's necessarily a *new* station--maybe one of the big guns
> plan on TOTALLY gutting a current station (prime candidates:  92.9,
> 93.7, 96.9, 105.7)?
>      ~Kaimbridge~