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Re: smooth jazz

I've been listening to this for the past few days and it sounds great.  My 
only complaint is that they used Windows Media to stream the audio and the 
old MAC that we've demoted to the status of music server for the office is 
much happier with Real Audio.  The content is fine.

I do find it somewhat ironic that some of the voice drops are done by David 
Allen Boucher who, under the noms des plume (ok, its been 20 years since I 
typed French) of "Bump Martin" and "SPilot(stereo pilot?)" would take every 
opportunity possible to disparage the format when it was on his sister 
station WSJZ/WOAZ.

Is this meant to be a public URL or is this some type of inhouse experiment 
for a project that they talked about two years ago?  Either way, I hope 
that the URL stays up (oops, did I just give it the kiss of death?)

While I haven't been listening critically, it seems at first glance that 
they are using a playlist of songs that were getting heavy rotation about 
the time that they blew up WSJZ.  Hey, it sounded like the Warren Hill cut 
that they're playing while I'm typing this just skipped.  Probably just 
packet problems on the web though.


At 01:59 PM 2/5/01 -0500, Joseph Pappalardo wrote:
>look what I found...
>I think the above URL should work right....but what do I know.
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