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RE: "The Lost 45s" with Barry Scott back on web


I've only heard a couple of your shows via airchecks, but I have to say I
really like your program when it was on WZLX 100.7. You sure do play a lot
of "oh wow" songs that I'd never hear on the radio again. Hope you get a
live gig again and soon!

I play many of those same songs on my show that aired every saturday 6AM
until 2PM on 1570 then- WYHI Fernandina Beach, FL. (Jacksonville ADI, 5kw)
My playlist is from about 1,000 selections of personal CDs. I played mostly
70s with a few later 60s Pop Hits many of the "oh wow" never played hits
alongside the usual staples. I've had a lot of response to it. I've
resurrected the show to a 4 hour gig once a month during a transmitter/DX
test on 10kw WGSR 1570. Audience is from New Zealand to Finland... It's a
lot of fun to do, as I can tell it is for you from listening to the tapes I
have from 'ZLX. It took very little to get the Manager to let me do it (just
a quarter hour of a test show). It doesn't fit into "The Music of Your Life"
format at all... 

Again, I hope that you get to convince someone to pick you back up! And of
course, be sure to let us all know here on the list!

Best Regards,

Ron Gitschier
WGSR Engineering Dept/QSL Manager

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> From:	Barry Scott [SMTP:bscott@mail.radioamp.com]
> Subject:	"The Lost 45s" with Barry Scott back on web 
> Hey All: Just a word on "The Lost 45s" show. After leaving terrestrial
> radio in '99--when my syndicator turned to all-talk and the Boston
> affiliate (93.7) changed formats--I've concentrated solely on internet
> radio, creating a site called OldiesCentral.com, which plays all Top 40
> hits from 1955-1989. "The Lost 45s" airs 24/7 on my web site as well at
> http://www.lost45.com.
> As a lover of the medium since the age of 5, I would like to return to
> terrestrial radio--but finding it hard to even get the show back on in
> Boston, where it was #1 25-54 on 4 different radio stations every single
> book for 13 years! Radio has become so research driven and so boring, that
> Program Director's are too afraid to "gamble" on even a well-known, highly
> rated specialty show like "The Lost 45s." 
> I'll keep trying though...looking for a Program Director (like a few that
> I used to work with) who have a love for radio, music and the product--who
> see what a specialty show like this one has to offer--mainly a chance to
> bring new listeners and advertisers to their format. 
> Still get hundreds of e-mails a week, almost 2 years later, asking why
> it's not on the air in Boston. I don't really know what to tell them,
> other than radio is simply too dull right now--and ripe for the picking by
> satellite and internet channels. 
> Thanks for all the kind words over the years and hope to talk to you all
> in the near future. If you have any questions about internet radio (I am
> located in Boston at a company called RadioAMP) please send them here! 
> --
> Barry Scott
> Program Director/OldiesCentral.com
> Programming Assistant/RadioAMP.com
> Host of "The Lost 45s"/Lost45.com
> --