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Re: Jeanine Graff canned by WTKK

Larry Weil wrote,

>At 12:01 AM -0500 2/8/01, Chris Beckwith wrote:
>>The Herald's Dean Johnson says her 8-10PM show will be replaced
>>by canned Barnicle.
>It already has been.  And Lionel has disappeared too, it seems he
>was moved to the midnight slot, but shortly thereafter he was
>replaced there by Severin repeats.

Lionel got yanked by Premier when WTKK shifted him to tape delay,
which Premier says is a no-no--its either live or nothing (which I think
is a perfectly legitimate demand:  How would you like being someone
calling about "police abuses you've experienced", trying for
25 min. to get on, only to be told that "you're hearing the first
hour's show, now we're asking for 'the most outrageous sex act you've
seen [or done yourself] in public'"!).
My question, then, is why don't they run the consumer show from 8-10,
Lionel (though it does get raunchy, it is done in the context of actual
entertainment/amusement, not just to be a "shock jock"--i.e., George
Carlin-ish rather than empty Stern/O&A type schtick) from 10-1, then
Sererin from 1-5, dumping those Beavis & Butthead buffoons, altogether?