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Re: WRKO (Was: ...difficult reception...)

I also work at a post office General Mail Facility,
in North Reading. There's a lot of machinery that
interferes with  reception but where I am, I can
get WRKO easily (transmitter in Burlington) and WEEI
and WBZ fairly well though sometimes with
I'm not that far from the "edge" of the building and
also a huge vertical beam is next to me--it almost
seems like a giant antenna to aid my boom box! (In the
past putting a boom box on the floor got some better

My facility used to be in Woburn and it was great when
WRKO had the Red Sox; you could be in the parking lot
and see the 'RKO towers in the distance mere miles
away. So we got it loud and strong (and still do to
some extent, in N. Reading.)

I'm not sure if WRKO's signal has gone through any
changes; at least nothing noticeable from where I
work or where I live (Beverly) though WEEI had some
signal reduction a year or two ago since they had
to power down when painting their tower.

Have tried to hear some WTKK talk shows at work and
have not been so lucky (WQSX, with a tower in Peabody,
and WKLB, with a tower in Andover, come in very well.)
Also when heading up into New Hampshire last week
I found WTKK's signal faded while WRKO was going

--- "Kaimbridge M. GoldChild" <kaimbridge@my-deja.com>
> I work at South Station--"deep inside the confines"
> of the General Mail
> Facility

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