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WRKO (Was: ...difficult reception...)

Don Saklad wrote,

> What alternative things might you try to deal with
> difficult radio reception in downtown Boston among
> buildings like Tremont-On-The-Common, Swisso^tel Hotel
> and new construction nearby for stations like
> WRKO-AM 680kHz

I work at South Station--"deep inside the confines" of the General Mail
Facility--and WRKO appeared to have taken a reception dive, back during
the summer:  At the particular spot in the room where I work, 'RKO
normally came in about half to a quarter as strong as WBZ and about 2-3
times as strong as a rather weak WEEI.  Since the summer, though, I
can't get 'RKO *at all* in that spot, though WEEI, WBZ and everybody
else appear the same strength as before.  It also seems like 'RKO is
more prone to nulls and fading (under bridges, etc.), even up here on
the North Shore.
Has 'RKO either reduced power or changed its pattern?