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Re: How to deal with difficult reception in downtown Boston.

On Tue, 6 Feb 2001, Don Saklad wrote:

> What alternative things might you try to deal with
> difficult radio reception in downtown Boston among
> buildings like Tremont-On-The-Common, Swisso^tel Hotel
> and new construction nearby for stations like
> WRKO-AM 680kHz, WGBH-FM 89.7MHz and WHRB-FM 95.3MHz

You shouldn't have any trouble with WHRB in that part of town; it
broadcasts from One Financial Center with 1700 watts.

As for WGBH, wait until their new transmitter site in Needham is finished;
the signal should be quite a bit better than it is from the present site.

WRKO being an AM, your best bet is to be near a window and use something
like a Select-A-Tenna to null out any local interference.

Rob Landry