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Re: smooth jazz

it was written:
>Smooth Jazz didn't work in Boston for two reasons.  One, the minority
>population is not large enough, and it's an important demographic for a
>smooth jazz station.

Most of Boston's minority population, at least in the younger demographics, 
seems to prefer rap and dance music stations, based on what I have 
observed.  For them, "smooth jazz" is just like elevator music, much too 
wimpy.  Personally, I would love to see a 'real' jazz format on the air 
somewhere-- I worked at WRVR-FM in New York when it was jazz, and we had 
similar demos to what a classical station gets-- a small but very loyal 
niche audience that listened for hours and hours.   It's interesting that 
despite all the hoo-hah over Ken Burns' recent documentary, jazz records 
are selling fewer and fewer copies.  Yet I still think there IS a niche for 
this type of station.