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smooth jazz

I'm not really into smooth jazz, but I just came back
from Burlington, VT where I rolled one side of a C90
to tape WXPS (96.7, licensed to Willsboro, NY, I 
believe-- their ID says "Willsboro- Burlington-
Plattsburgh) for a couple tape traders who like a
little smooth jazz, etc.

Not sure how long WXPS will run that format but you
wonder why the format didn't last at WSJZ, WOAZ,
WPLM-FM, and WCDJ (think I got all those call letters
right). Why did the format not "make it" in Boston?
And any word on how smooth jazz is doing in other

Again, I'm not a fan of smooth jazz but it didn't seem
bad as I listened to it (I could take some of it in
small doses, maybe...but that's just me). I'm sure
there are some on this list who are mystified that
smooth jazz is on in a small(er) market like the
Champlain Valley but it isn't on in Boston.

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