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Re: Media rumors

I heard it quipped earlier that James Earl Jones has been called back in to 
VO "This is what's leff of CNN" for the top of the hour....


At 10:07 PM 2/2/2001 -0500, Chris Beckwith wrote:
>Dan Pierce said on tonight's NH Outlook (NHPTV) that WMUR-TV (which he 
>to as "New Hampshire's largest commercial TV station" - duh) will be 
>new management charged with "mending fences" in the community.  Look in the
>Concord Monitor archives if you want evidence of what they are up
>against--you'll be up all night reading. :)
>Also, tonight's "Biz Buzz" on CNNfn reported that Fox and Viacom may be 
>into swapping stations in order to take advantage of TV duopoly rules and
>improve their leverage in several markets.
>Take care,
>P.S.  The cutbacks are hitting home on the air--Steve Young lost it at the end
>of tonight's final edition of "Digital Jam," which had been on CNNfn for five
>years.  And every day I learn of new firings - "Digital Jam" co-host Mary
>Kathleen Flynn has also been laid off.

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