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Media rumors

Dan Pierce said on tonight's NH Outlook (NHPTV) that WMUR-TV (which he referred
to as "New Hampshire's largest commercial TV station" - duh) will be installing
new management charged with "mending fences" in the community.  Look in the
Concord Monitor archives if you want evidence of what they are up
against--you'll be up all night reading. :)

Also, tonight's "Biz Buzz" on CNNfn reported that Fox and Viacom may be looking
into swapping stations in order to take advantage of TV duopoly rules and
improve their leverage in several markets.

Take care,

P.S.  The cutbacks are hitting home on the air--Steve Young lost it at the end
of tonight's final edition of "Digital Jam," which had been on CNNfn for five
years.  And every day I learn of new firings - "Digital Jam" co-host Mary
Kathleen Flynn has also been laid off.