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Re: why I don't trust ratings

--- Kevin Vahey <crimson@channel1.com> wrote:
> Of course if Dolan wins the Red Sox bid he then owns 60% of NESN and then
> it is quite possible that the Celtics would simply move to NESN and Dolan
> could cut a deal with Fox Sports Net thus eliminating the current Fox
> Sports NE.

According to MultiChannelNews, Dolan has taken Rainbow Media
and Rainbow Sports off the market yesterday pending shareholder's
meeting this Friday....I am pretty sure the entire RM, except the
MSG unit, will still be sold to the highest bidder(s). It's just a
matter of time now....

The Fox Sports New England situation is somewhat uncertain now.
The FSNE's other major shareholder -- AT&T -- also announced yesterday that it will be
selling off all of  its interests in US-based cable networks, including Fox
Sports New England and NECN here. That's in addition to slashing thousands
of jobs in the bleeding AT&T Broadband unit, nation's larger cable operator.

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