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Re: why I don't trust ratings

Of course if Dolan wins the Red Sox bid he then owns 60% of NESN and then
it is quite possible that the Celtics would simply move to NESN and Dolan
could cut a deal with Fox Sports Net thus eliminating the current Fox
Sports NE.

The "wild card" in the Sox bidding wars is little Jordan's Furiture in
Waltham. Warren Buffett is sniffing around and I would not underestimate
what Barry and Elliot could do to market the Sox better. 

Mel sold his share of NESN for a reason, we just don't what it is yet.

On Sat, 27 Jan 2001, Mark Shneyder wrote:

> --- Kevin Vahey <crimson@channel1.com> wrote:
> > Keep in mind that one Charles Dolan is one of the bidders for the Olde
> > Town Team (aka Red Sox)
> Dolan is indeed one of the top three suitors for the Sox, along with
> Fleet and Fidelity but he will not be able to keep his interest in Fox
> Sports New England here much longer because he's in the process of selling off
> Rainbow Media Holdings to either Viacom or MGM(there's currently a bidding
> auction going on). Rainbow owns AMC, Much Music USA, News12, NY MetroChannel,
> BRavo,IFC,Women's Entertainment and 50% interest in 8 regional sports
> networks including Fox Sports New Engalnd, Fox Sports Chicago, Fox Sports
> New York, Fox Sports Bay Area, Fox SPorts Ohio,MSG, Fox Sports Florida,
> Fox Sports Cincinnati.
> SO, although Mel sold his interest in NESN last week, he could potentially
> come back into the TV sports picture around here if Dolan accepts his bid for
> RMG which is expected to be in the $3-4 billion range...Barry Diller
> and Comcast were also interested but wanted exclusivity in negotiations
> but Dolan didn't want to go that route....
> -Mark
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