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WUMB, WMWM, and You

Just a clarification on terminology here: we're all referring to
the 91.7 Newburyport as a "translator" when it's NOT.  This is a
new station that UMass is proposing, which means the rules are a 
bit different where interference contours are concerned.  From
what I've seen of the application and the proposed transmitter site
(inland and a bit north from Newburyport, closer to Amesbury IIRC),
the new signal will stay just beyond WMWM's protected contour and
thus WMWM has little it can complain about.  

This doesn't mean WMWM won't lose some listeners -- but anyone 
listening to WMWM in places like Boxford or Ipswich is outside
the protected contour and thus subject to interference.

(The bigger question in my mind: what about WPAA?)