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Re: yesterday's LTAR; I'm on TV

In a message dated 1/29/01 7:28:36 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
bobonradio@yahoo.com writes:

<<  But even if we were informed, maybe
 we didn't have enough clout to defeat a big college
 like UMASS-Boston (and its station).  >>

I meant to say....  "PROPOSED (WUMB's) contour collides legally with WMWM's, 
then WMWM could file an objection.     It COULD be that UMass is requesting a 
waiver of the field intensity statutes which may affect WMWM.   The word 
"porposed" is important, so that a filed objection by WMWM could possibly (IF 
certain field intensity porposed measurements collide) keep the UMass plans 
from happening.