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Re: yesterday's LTAR; I'm on TV

This issue does not deal with "clout" (fortunately).   If the UMass station 
infringes on your prescribed contour as determined by field intensity, then 
by law, your objection to the UMass station is totally valid.  But it must be 
a formal submission and timely.

In a message dated 1/29/01 7:28:36 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
bobonradio@yahoo.com writes:

<< Yes...maybe our chief engineer or technical advisor
 was informed of this (WMWM's tech. advisor is 
 Tai of WZLX). But even if we were informed, maybe
 we didn't have enough clout to defeat a big college
 like UMASS-Boston (and its station). It affects our
 fringe area; now, if it affected how we are received
 in Salem, Beverly, Danvers, or Peabody, that would be
 a huge concern to us.