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as Bob Nelson so aptly pointed out, the call letters are
from some long-buried but not-yet-deleted data base 
somewhere in the bowels of the Globe.
At least I'll thank Clea for spelling my name right.
Another small correction, if I may, concerns the "lower-
rated overnight shift".  as Don Kelley pointed out in a
posting to another newsgroup, WROR's overnight ratings 
were 3rd in Boston, behind the long-running Michael Burns
on Magic and the erstwhile Steve LaVeille on WBZ.  what
might have been a better way to phrase that would have 
been a reference to the not-very-important overnight 
ratings.  the overnights are rated; they just don't hold
much weight in the overall scheme of things (read that:
with that in mind, yes, I am continuing on a part-time
basis at WROR, and that the small consolation i can take
from this experience is that it was not a reflection on 
my performance or value as an employee.
yes, i am under consideration, along with a host of other
talented broadcast professionals, for some other possible
positions within Greater Media.  for the time being, i am
actively persuing work back up here in Maine. (gotta pay
the bills on more than just some weekend work).
and a brief reference to previous threads on voice-
tracking, if i may:
automation and voice-tracking may have a place in the 
overall operations of an independent broadcaster who does
not have the luxury of a fifty-plus person sales staff in
a market where the advertising economy is not particularly
robust.  i have long maintained, and still do, that a 
major market such as Boston is not the place for non-live
programming, be it syndicated or automated.  Boston is a
market where such programming should originate.
in the past, i have been involved in situations where 
automation was the only way for a station to make a go of
it.  in particular, i will cite the Biddeford stations 
where Dan Billings and I worked in the 80's.  
but it does make me sad to see the bottom-line dictate the
direction of a broadcast station.  sure, it's a business.
and doing this type of thing may be one way of increasing
a profit margin.  but, it doesn't make it good business, 
at least from the standpoint of this broadcast professional.

- -Chuck Igo
(the opinions expressed above are my own and in no way
reflect upon the ideas or positions of my employer)

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