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88.7 Southern NH

I took my GE portable whip (minus the FM whip) along
for a ride last night. I figured  that on Wednesday
night there was a good chance that the religious music
oriented pirate on 88.7 would be on. Something about
Wednesday's being prayer meeeting or bible reading
nights in some religious circles.

To make it short, after finding out where 88.7 was
not, I'm 90% sure that I'm willing to bet 1/10 of my
income that it's within two miles of the intersection
of Rte 102 and Parmenter Road in Londonderry NH. I did
drive to many church and temple sites in the area with
no hits. I still have a couple of "small" ones to
check out.

The station abruptly disappeared at 10:30pm and the
hot Perdue Chicken I had just run out to get 90
minutes earlier was getting cold, so I decided to head
for home without narrowing down the location any
further. We'll try again next Wednesday.

I don't recall any LPFM being applied for in
Londonderry (possibly Hudson) NH.

John B
Derry NH

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