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Re: NH Public Radio cutting

Great analysis of the situation.  I don't really have an opinion the changes
at Maine Public Radio.  I didn't listen to the programs dropped and will
rarely listen to the shows that have been added.  I prefer Rush and Don &
MIke to classical music or liberal talk.

My only question is this:  Is it wrong for a public station to make
programming changes that they belief will add more listeners?  If more
people are listening, aren't they serving the public better?

The classical audience is upset by the changes, but i do not think it is far
to say that Maine Public Radio's offerings are not diverse.  They certainly
feature lots of specility programming during nights and weekends.  Yes, they
are presenting less classical and no opera, but the talk shows they added
are actually the only call-in, opinion type shows on the regular schedule.
They do provide lots of other news and public affairs shows, but the new
talk blocks are actually quite different from the other shows on the

By the way: I don't mean to defend the management of Maine Public
Broadcasting.  In my opinion, they are inept are dealing with the public and
employees and appear arrogant and out of touch whenever controversies arise.
That said, it does appear they made some careful anaylsis before making the
recent changes.

On another note:  I want to take up Garrett's plea to remind participants
not to edit the parts of past postings included in your replies.  I seem to
be spending more timely lately scrolling through stuff I have already read.

-- Dan Billings, Bowdoinham, Maine