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Re: Corporate radio (was Re: WJIB-740-CHWO)

On Tue, 16 Jan 2001 11:51:27 -0500 SteveOrdinetz
<steveord@wavewizard.com> writes:
> Dave Faneuf wrote:
> >> Whoever controls what we hear controls our decisions, be it the 
> >> government 
> >> or Mel Karmazin.  That's why divirsity of voices is important.
> >>
> >
> >Which is a major reason I don't like the direction radio and other 
> media
> >is headed,  a few major corporations controlling it all
> But this is a general economic trend, not just limited to the media. 
>  Look
> at the consolidation in dept. stores (another 5 years K- and Wal 
> Mart are
> gonna be it), banks, airlines, beer (Anheuser-Busch accouonts for 
> ~60% of
> that market), etc.  Not a pretty picture, but I fail to see why many 
> seem
> to think "our" industry should be immune to this.

The reason I strongly believe our industry should be immune (and I know
we will never return to the "god ol' days") is until "deregulation" there
was no question the airwaves were public, owned by the public and leased
to the person or corporation who owned a radio or tv station who were
forced to, by law, respond to the public's need (remember those
ascertainments we all hated?)  The public has never had ownership of a
bank, (outside of credit unions and they don't seem to be merging like
crazy) department stores airlines etc,  the only public participation of
those companies is through shareholders.  A very different situation. 
That doesn't even take into account the power the media has over all of
our lives, for good or for ill that power and influence is there.

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