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--- Jibguy@aol.com wrote:
> << I saw an ad in Sunday's Lowell Sun,  JAM'N is looking for a morning show.
>   It didn't say what position they were looking for....be creative etc
>  etc....
>   >>
> Many stations who have their new plans in place, still DO advertise for 
> positions available.  It's called CYA.
> ---jibguy

I don't think this MO only applies to broadcasting.
A number of big companies and institutions, especially the ones that receieve
government grant/fund money, are required to advertise/interview
potential candidates for a vacant position. Many times they already
have someone in mind or selected for that position and majority
of the time that person comes from within the organization. Basically,
all the people they interview or pre-interview have
no chance of landing the job because the company has
already made its hiring decision.

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