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Howie got it wrong about Greenfield

Looks like Jeff Greenfield has re-upped with CNN after all and will have a
regularly-scheduled prime-time gig, at least according to Saturday's Washington
Post.  Inside, however, reports that style editor Elsa Klensch, who dates back
to the very beginnings of CNN, is out.  Various reports also have
declining-but-widely-distributed Headline News absorbing either CNNfn, CNNSI or
both; the latter channels have far inferior distribution in cable households.

Take care,

P.S.  Picture this: when I first started working for WMER in Portland back in
1983 we had a news format that relied heavily on CNN Radio, which mostly
simulcast the Headline News feed.  CNNR also aired a lot of the mother ship's
longform programming, including Style.  Imagine a show almost entirely
dependent on visual information presented audio only!  Even Elsa couldn't
overcome *that* handicap.